About us

Slinky | Passion is a US based Natural Hair Extensions and Wigs supplier. Our global operations gives us the ability to bring you the highest quality Brazilian, Indian and Chinese human hair in the market. Slinky | Passion offers wide variety of natural human hair extensions. Slinky | Prime our elite quality virgin remy hair extensions, Slinky | Too The Long Lasting Tangle Free 100% Human Hair, and Slinky | Shades The Professionally Pre-Colored 100% Human Hair. Slinky | Passion utilizes strict criteria to guarantee ethical sourcing..
  • Every strand has been donated willingly and with the full consent of the donor.
  • The donor has been treated with respect and care.
  • A company representative procures the hair to cut out unreliable middlemen and ensure full and direct knowledge of the origin of the hair.
  • Exclusive in-house production process: Used from procurement of the hair to the wholesale selling of the extension to ensure full traceability.
Slinky | Passion A Subsidiary of El Zawy LLC 10431 Slater ave, Fountain valley , CA , 92708